27hb April, 1999

DS Anwar Ibrahim dan adik angkat beliau Sukma Darmawan didakwa meliwat Azizan Abu Bakar, bekas pemandu DS Dr Wan Azizah pada tahun 1994. Pendakwa mengakui telah tersilap taip pendakwaan - dan meminda kepada 1992.

7th June 

Even before the trial begins in the Kuala Lumpur High Court the charge was again changed from 1992 to "one night between 1st Jan to 31st March 1993." Arifin Jaka   presided..

20th Aug

The prosecution closes its case after calling nine witnesses.

10th Sept

Anwar's lawyer Karpal Singh tells the court a high level of arsenic has been found in Anwar's urine. The trial is postponed and Anwar taken to hospital for examination.

16th Sept

Azizan is charged with committing khalwat (being in close proximity) with a 22-year-old student named Norhayati Saad. He later marries her.

5th Oct

Doctors report no clinical signs of acute or chronic arsenic poisoning in Anwar. 

21st Oct  The trial resumes.
22nd Oct 

Anwar opens the defense case. He claims he is the target of a conspiracy involving those close to PM Mahathir Mohamad.

10th Nov

Mahathir dissolves Parliament in preparation for general elections.

12th Nov

Arifin takes medical leave, citing back problems.

29th Nov

General elections are held.

25th Jan, 2000 The trial resumes.
17th Feb

The defense subpoenas Mahathir to appear in court as a witness.

21th April 

Arifin rules that Mahathir need not appear in court.

5th June

The Court of Appeal rejects the defense's appeal against Arifin's April 21 ruling. Anwar takes the case to the Federal Court.

14th July

The defense closes its case after calling 31 witnesses.

1st Aug

Anwar aplied Chief Justice to recuse on ground he may not be impartial.. The CJ refused to recuse.

2nd Aug Anwar refused to proceed. Federal Court dismisses Anwar's appeal to call Mahathir as a defense witness.
4th Aug

The verdict is initially scheduled for this day but is postponed.

8th Aug

Arifin pronounces Anwar guilty and sentences him to nine years. Sukma receives six years and four lashes.