Anwar reveals shocking details involving Megat Junid

Since October 22, Anwar has given shocking revelations in court about:

PM instructed me to approve Daim's takeover of Hock Hua Bank: Anwar

Since jailed prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim took to the witness stand last Friday, shocking details involving cabinet ministers have been coming out of the courtroom.

The most shocking was Anwar's revelation that his attempt to have a thorough investigation into the murder of a woman known as Mustakizah had met with no response from prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. Anwar said he had wanted to know the role of domestic trade affairs minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub into Mustakizah's murder. As we went to press, Megat Junid has yet to refute or explain the allegations.

Giving evidence for the first time since bizzare allegations of sodomy, treason and corruption have been levelled against him by Mahathir and his media, Anwar named Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin, Attorney General Mohtar Abdullah, the PM's political secretary Aziz Shamsuddin, Megat Junid and former Melaka chief minister Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik as people who conspired to fabricate charges against him and bring him to court.

Daim and women

On Monday, Anwar told the court Daim had squandered billions in the past and flown women into the country in his private jet.

He said during a meeting with Daim, Daim told him he had had a further meeting with Mohtar, who is prosecuting in the current trial.

"He (Daim) again advised me to resign to avoid any embarrassment to me and my family but I objected very strongly," said Anwar.

"I asked him why he has the audacity to fabricate such malicious lies about my alleged corruption and sexual misconduct when it is public knowledge that he has squandered billions from the country and has been using his private jet to bring in women from abroad, using his VIP status to bypass customs and immigration."

Judge Arifin Jaka ruled that Daim's alleged misconduct was irrelevant to the case, but defence lawyers argued it was to show the "bad blood" which culminated in the conspiracy to topple the former heir apparent to the prime minister.

Asked about other clashes between them, Anwar said that as finance minister he helped procure for Daim a licence to own a bank overseas.

"There is an understanding that once you have a bank overseas, you do not disturb the financial institutions here but he reneged on the understanding and wanted to buy a bank here."

Anwar said he initially did not approve Daim's plan to acquire Hock Hua Bank "but subsequently approved on the instructions of the prime minister."

He was also forced to approve Daim's move to change the bank's name, despite Bank Negara's objections, after Mahathir intervened.

Daim and corruption

As Anwar began giving his testimony, AG Mohtar, who is leading the prosecution case and is a possible witness in this trial, walked out of the packed courtroom at this point.

Anwar said even though his relations with Mahathir were "tense" at the time, "I did not expect them (Daim and Mohtar) o resort to such an action."

Anwar said he immediately confronted Mahathir over Daim's remarks.

"I told the prime minister Daim has no right or responsibility to control or guide the attorney-general," he said.

Anwar said he told Mahathir that just because he did not agree with him on issues related to corruption and bailouts involving his son Mirzan Mahathir and the Perwaja steel company, it was unjust to fabricate charges against him.

Anwar also said the anti-corruption agency and Mohtar had told him they faced difficulties prosecuting individuals because Mahathir opposed them.

He said five charges had been drawn up against Rafidah Aziz, the minister who has a prima facie case of corruption and Mohtar asked him to bring the issue to Mahathir's attention. Another corruption case involved the former Melaka chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, who he named as one of those who conspired to oust him.

Anwar also said there was evidence that Daim had obtained shares and cash amounting to more than RM600 million from three leading businessmen - namely Halim Saad, Renong chairman; Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, chairman of Land and General; and Tajudin Ramli, Malaysia Airlines chairman.

Megat, gambling and murder

Asked who else conspired to topple him, Anwar named Megat Junid, minister of domestic trade and consumer affairs, and Mahathir's political secretary Aziz Shamsuddin.

Anwar said he asked Mahathir to explain the role of Megat Junid in the murder case of a woman known as Mustakizah, and his gambling habits.

Anwar said the Special Branch told him Aziz was involved in a plot to slander him. [Source: AFP]