Pendekar Bujang Lapok, 1959

Ros helping Ramlee to sew his torn pants.

Ramlee (P. Ramlee), Aziz (Aziz Sattar) and Sudin (S. Shamsuddin) wanted to learn Silat
from an expert, Pendekar Mustarjo (Mustarjo). Mustarjo's daughter, Ros (Rose Yatimah) the
village teacher, initially thought that they were crooks but soon realised that she was wrong
and even fell for Ramlee.

One of the funniest dialog about UMNO (Alif Mim Nun Wau)  which is true up to date is that it is just a circus (SARKIS);  in the scenes which involved the three bachelors before meeting Pendekar Mustarjo while passing "Sekolah Umum Buta Huruf" Kampung Nyior Sebatang  is a transcript:

Ramlee: Ini apa yang ditulis Sudin?

Sudin  : Alif Min Nun Wau

            Alif tendang Wau - SARKIS

P. Ramlee - Ramlee
Aziz Sattar - Aziz
S. Shamsuddin - Sudin
Rose Yatimah - Rose
Mustarjo - Pendekar Mustar